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The Regular Catering Box has a special scored lid for folding. Holds 2 Half trays, shallow, medium & deep & serving spoons. Holds One FULL Aluminum Tray, Shallow & Medium & serving spoon.  If you would like to use this display option, follow the scored lines on the top of the box. The Perforated Tear Off Lid Option allows you to remove the lid completely! Fold the lid and tuck the folded lid behind the tray of food. The Catering Box has a unique locking tab in the back of the box giving the box a sturdy tray style bottom. Keeps hot food hot and cold food cold!


Product Specifications

The Catering Box Regular  UPC  Code 72802802744 printed on each unit

The Catering Box Regular comes shrink wrapped in bundles of 50.

Each bundle weighs 36 lbs.
Folded Box Size 21 ¾” x 13 ¼” x 2 ½ “

Regular Catering Box

How many colors?
1st Run or Reprint
  • Plate Charges and Color Upcharges

    Per Color Printing Costs

    1 Color- $1.45/Per Piece

    2 Color- $1.48/Per Piece

    3 Color- $1.68/Per Piece

    4 Color- $1.78/Per Piece


    Per Color Plate Costs

    1 Color- $100

    2 Color- $150

    3 Color- $200

    4 Color- $250