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Custom Printed Grocery Bags & Shopping Bags

Welcome to Spectra Paper, your gateway to a world where practicality meets branding brilliance through custom grocery and shopping bags. We recognize the influence of turning daily essentials into impactful brand ambassadors. Our custom shopping bags not only shoulder the load of carrying goods but also your brand message, ensuring every trip to the store becomes an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Explore a variety of options blending functionality with style, allowing you to showcase your logo, messaging, or unique design on a daily essential. Whether you're a local market, a boutique store, or a large retail chain, our custom grocery bags cater to your brand's distinct needs.

Ready to make your brand a shopping standout? Check out all the customized packaging possibilities with Spectra Paper!


We Custom Print Your Logo on All Types of Handle and Non Handle Paper Bags

At Spectra Paper, we ensure your brand's story is woven into every fiber of our custom merchandise bags. We specialize in enhancing your brand's identity through your personalized logo and business information on a diverse range of high-quality custom shopping bags.  Achieve the uniquely designed paper shopping bag you've always wanted for your business and improve branding consistency across all of your packaging needs. 


Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your design is carefully crafted. Trust Spectra Paper's printing services to cover your unique needs with distinction and style, turning every custom printed shopping bag into a meaningful representation of your brand vision.

Custom Printed Paper Shopping Bags

Take your business branding up a notch with our personalized shopping bags. Go beyond simply carrying your goods and better represent your brand wherever customers go with your bags in tow. Spectra offers unparalleled customization, including handles and finishes that match your business's messaging. Create custom paper shopping bags that leave a memorable impression everywhere they are seen.

Custom Printed Paper Merchandise Bags

Your merchandise speaks volumes about your brand, and your packaging should do the same. Our custom merchandise bags are a powerful way to turn every sale into a promotional opportunity. Let your merchandise tell a compelling story with personalized logo printing. Whether you're a boutique, bookstore, or jewelry shop, these custom shopping bags enhance consumer perception, turning every sale into a promotional opportunity.

Custom Printed Paper Grocery Bags

Redefine the ordinary and turn mundane errands into memorable moments for every patron who visits your store with our custom grocery bags. These sturdy paper bags, artfully designed with your logo, not only reflect the reliability of your brand but also offer a practical solution for carrying a variety of goods. Crafted for durability, these printed bags ensure that every shopping trip becomes a seamless and convenient experience that customers will relate to your brand.

Looking for Something Else? Check Out Our Other Types of Custom Printed Paper Bags

At Spectra Paper, we recognize the uniqueness of every business, and that's why we go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Our diverse selection of custom printed wholesale bags caters to the distinct needs of every company we work with, ensuring that brands are elevated in every context. 

Whether you're in the retail, hospitality, or food industry, we have tailored solutions to amplify your brand presence because we believe it deserves the spotlight.

Custom Printed Take Out & To Go Bags

Our personalized takeout and to go bags are the perfect blend of convenience and brand brilliance. Picture this: a piping hot meal, elegantly packed in a custom shopping bag that proudly carries your logo. From the smallest snack to a hearty dinner, each order becomes an opportunity to leave a lasting brand impression.


With a variety of sizes, handles, and finishes, these custom merchandise bags not only serve your delectable creations but remind customers of your business's flavor and style.  

Learn more here!

Custom Printed Food

Transform your culinary creations with logos on customized food bags. Ideal for bakeries, cafes, and all food-centric businesses, Spectra offers custom shopping bags specifically designed for the secure transport of your savory and sweet delights. These bags not only showcase your brand but also ensure that the tempting aromas and flavors stay locked in. Versatile in size and style, they offer convenience without compromising the delightful branding your customers crave. 


From flaky pastries to gourmet sandwiches, we offer wholesale food bags that guarantee a mess-free and visually appealing presentation. Take your restaurant or cafe beyond the plate with our custom merchandise bags!

Learn more here!

Benefits of Custom Printed Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags & Merchandise Bags

Printed bags for shopping, groceries, and merchandise can do more than simply transport your goods from point A to point B. Spectra Paper creates personalized grocery bags and custom shopping bags of every type imaginable to serve as canvases for expressing your brand's vision. Our wholesale custom grocery bags offer countless advantages that transform everyday bags into unique statements about a brand's personality to leave a lasting impression.


Send Your Custom Logo & Contact Info Home with Your Customers!

Imagine your brand out there in homes and businesses, tagging along on your customers' daily adventures. Our custom paper grocery bags flaunt your logo, contact details, and maybe even some special deals wherever they go. Perfect for cafes and local eateries, these custom shopping bags create a mobile advertisement for your business.

At Spectra, we know you need more than just custom shopping bags at an affordable price, but a connection with the world beyond the checkout counter.

Customers Can Sustainably Recycle or Compost Your Bags!

Our custom shopping bags are not just about looking good; they're about doing good for the environment. More than a fashion statement, Spectra's custom paper grocery bags are eco-friendly. Encourage your customers to keep it green by easily recycling or composting these bags, and let your brand shine as a responsible choice. 


Worried about design limitations? Don't be! Choose from your favorite paper textures and styles in recyclable kraft or white paper to personalize with your logo and important business details.


Versatile Bags for Various Business Needs

No matter your business flavor – be it retail, grocery, or boutique – our custom shopping bags are the chameleons of the packaging world, adapting to your business's every need. With Spectra, the choices seem almost endless, from various sizes to styles and paper types, tailored to match the unique requirements of your products and services. 

But here's the beauty of our printing services – it's not just about finding affordable, wholesale custom shopping bags; it's about finding the perfect fit for your business. With low minimum orders, storage, and shipping on demand, we make custom grocery bags accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

Why Choose Spectra Paper for Your Custom Paper Shopping Bag Printing

When it comes to transforming your brand vision into something tangible, creating attention-grabbing prints on custom shopping bags has made Spectra Paper an industry leader. Choosing our printing services to create your custom paper shopping bags is a smart choice. Our expert designers help craft a design that gives your brand a turbo boost toward getting noticed and making lasting impressions one personalized bag at a time.

Wide Range of Colors & Bag Sizes

Discover the wide range of vibrant hues our custom shopping bags offer! Spectra Paper presents a kaleidoscope of colors, ensuring a custom palette that suits every business. Whether you're a chic boutique aiming for sophisticated tones or a playful toy store looking for vibrant hues, our wholesale custom merchandise bags are the canvas for your creativity. Our design team goes beyond the basics – transforming your vision into reality. 

Bring us your unique designs, and watch as we infuse each custom printed shopping bag with the lively spirit that represents your business. 

Low Minimum Order Requirements

At Spectra Paper, we're here to make company branding easy, no matter the scale of your business. Say goodbye to hefty quantities – with our low minimum orders, you have the flexibility to design and purchase custom paper shopping bags on your own terms. It's all about freedom and affordability, ensuring your brand takes the spotlight without breaking the bank. Let's make your company stand out, one bag at a time!

Expert Design for All Your Custom Shopping & Grocery Bag Needs

Our dedicated team offers more than just color and paper knowledge – we're your partners in bringing your custom shopping bags to life. Discover next-level creativity, from patterns to special finishes, as we work hand-in-hand with you to create custom grocery bags that are not just functional but unique and eye-catching. Let your brand shine with personalized logo printing that garners attention wherever your customers take it. 

How Our Custom Shopping Bag Printing Works

Contact Us

Get started by contacting us through our website or phone to discuss your  customized shopping bag printing needs. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries.

Send Artwork, Logos & Size Specifications

Once you're ready to proceed, send us your artwork and logos in the specified file format. Our team will review the files and ensure these meet our bag printing requirements.

Approve Artwork Design or Proof

We will provide you with an artwork design or proof for your review. Take the time to carefully review and approve the custom box design to ensure it meets your expectations.


Once your logo work is approved, we will proceed with the production process. Our experienced team will use high-quality materials and printing techniques to create your new custom printed merchandise bags.


After production is complete, we will carefully package and ship your custom-printed paper grocery bags to your desired location. Sit back and relax as we handle the logistics and ensure your order arrives safely and on time.


Are you concerned about storage for larger orders? At Spectra Paper, we provide free delivery on custom-printed bag orders over $200 in the Long Island area.

  • What’s the minimum order for custom food wrapping paper, deli wrap, or basket liner sheets?
    One case of 3,000 custom deli paper sheets.
  • How many colors can be printed on our custom deli paper?
    As many colors as you like, we offer full-color capabilities at the same cost as one-color printing.
  • Is there a wax coating on the custom printed sandwich wrap paper?
    Yes, we offer an FDA-approved grease-resistant, food grade dry-wax coating on our custom parchment paper.
  • What are the lead times once the image proof is accepted?
    1-2 week lead times at the very most.
  • What sizes of custom printed pizza boxes are available?
    Pizza boxes are available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” (most popular) Visit the Bakery Box page for more Bakery Box sizing specifics.
  • What colors are our bulk pizza boxes available in?
    Our custom pizza boxes are available in white or brown.
  • What materials are our customized pizza boxes with?
    Our custom-printed pizza boxes are made with corrugated cardboard.

Custom Printed Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags & Merchandise Bags FAQs

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