Is custom printing too expensive for me?

You take pride in your unique food products and want people to know it. You’re probably worried that branding it would be too expensive, right? You’re probably thinking, “There’s no way printing a large order of custom-branded paper makes financial sense for me.” We hear this a lot from restaurants and food vendors all over the country. Some vendors wrap their sandwiches in plain paper because they never even bothered to check the price of custom-printed sandwich paper. We’ve talked to restaurants that had trouble imagining how a small shop like theirs could place an order for custom-printed deli paper that was small enough to fit on their crowded shelves. They were told by other printing companies that they’d have to order a fifty case minimum; costing several thousand dollars.

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Why short-run printing is great

Printing a short allows you to order only what you need and not use up valuable storage space. Of course you would save money on less shipping and quantity ordered if the order was larger but at Spectra Paper we make our minimum orders very affordable for our customers. This means you can enjoy an affordable unit cost without having to commit to a large total cost. It means you can try it out and see how you and your customers like it, all without making a large investment. And it means you can show people how proud you are of your unique food!


Minimum quantities

Q. What’s the minimum order for sandwich wrap, deli wrap, or basket liner sheets?
A: One case of 5,000 heavyweight sheets.

Sizes and Material?

Q. What sizes are available and what type of material and coating will be on the sheets?

A: 12" x 12", 12" x 15", 14" x 18". Custom printing is only done on dry wax paper.