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Please Call Our Customer Service Line At 631-750-9110 To Get Started Right Away!! 
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Why short-run printing is great

Printing a short run order allows you to order only what you need and not use valuable storage space. We make our minimum orders very affordable for our customers. This means you can enjoy an affordable unit cost without committing to a sizable total cost. It means you can try it out and see how you and your customer's like it, all without making a significant investment. And it means you can show people how proud you are of your excellent food!

Mid to large size orders

We print our sandwich wrap in-house offering in-line printing, which makes us price competitive. We provide price breakdowns per case; please contact our customer service team to get you a quote today. 


Minimum quantities

Q. What’s the minimum order for sandwich wrap, deli wrap, or basket liner sheets?
A: One case of 3,000 sheets.

Q. How many colors can be printed?

A. As many colors as you like. We offer full-color capabilities at the same cost as 1 color printing.

Q. Is their a wax coating on the sandwich wrap paper?

A. Yes, we can offer you a Dry-wax coating.

Q. What are the lead times once the image proof is accepted?

A. 1-2 Week lead times at the very most.

Sizes and Material?

Q. What sizes are available and what type of material and coating will be on the sheets?

A: Our standard sizes are 12" x 12", 12" x 15", and 13" x 18", but we cut to any size smaller than a 13"x18" Sheet.

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