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Custom Printed Plate Liners

Our Custom Printed Plate Liners Help Deliver Your Branded Message in a Unique and Memorable Way!

Plate Liners offer you the unique opportunity to brand your food in whole new way and are a great way to brand food plates, pizza trays and more. 

This unique food service sheet is available in several sheet types and sizes. Why use a standard square sheet when a round custom printed Plate Liner will make a much stronger impression with your customer? 

Custom printed Plate Liners say a lot about your business and your attention to detail.

  • Sizes: 10”, 12” & 14”

  • Available in many different food service sheet styles

  • 2 color max print with screen capabilities

  • Short runs available

Why Short-run Printing is Great

Printing a short allows you to order only what you need and not use up valuable storage space. Of course you would save money on less shipping and quantity ordered if the order was larger but at Spectra Paper we make our minimum orders very affordable for our customers. This means you can enjoy an affordable unit cost without having to commit to a large total cost. It means you can try it out and see how you and your customers like it, all without making a large investment. And it means you can show people how proud you are of your unique food!

  • What’s the minimum order for custom food wrapping paper, deli wrap, or basket liner sheets?
    One case of 3,000 custom deli paper sheets.
  • How many colors can be printed on our custom deli paper?
    As many colors as you like, we offer full-color capabilities at the same cost as one-color printing.
  • Is there a wax coating on the custom printed sandwich wrap paper?
    Yes, we offer an FDA-approved grease-resistant, food grade dry-wax coating on our custom parchment paper.
  • What are the lead times once the image proof is accepted?
    1-2 week lead times at the very most.
  • What sizes of custom printed pizza boxes are available?
    Pizza boxes are available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” (most popular) Visit the Bakery Box page for more Bakery Box sizing specifics.
  • What colors are our bulk pizza boxes available in?
    Our custom pizza boxes are available in white or brown.
  • What materials are our customized pizza boxes with?
    Our custom-printed pizza boxes are made with corrugated cardboard.
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