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Custom Paper Bags

Custom Printed Paper Bags:

Gift Bags, Grocery Bags, To-Go Bags, Shopping Bags & More!

Are you looking for a consistent marketing solution for your coffee shop, restaurant, convenience store, or franchise? Wrapping your shop's sandwiches and slipping them into a custom printed paper bag is one of many ways to make your café or coffee shop stand out from the crowd. Personalized paper bags raise brand awareness. If you own or run a restaurant, consider a custom printed paper bag for take-out. It's a walking advertisement. We also offer customizable kraft-printed bags for supermarkets, catering, arts and crafts vendors, and more. If your business uses bags, why not make it a custom printed paper bag?

A custom printed paper bag can contain your logo, website address, and your tagline or slogan. Lots of businesses even print their social media handles on their paper bags. It's a cost-effective way to enhance branding, and the gorgeous foil makes your packaging really stand out. Custom gift paper bags are a great retail item as well. How many people do you know to use custom gift paper bags instead of wrapping paper? It's so much easier and looks spectacular.

Why not give us a call today? Our friendly print specialists are waiting to help you. (4).png

Use Our Custom Printed Paper Bags For

We offer a wide assortment of personalized wholesale bags to choose from. Custom printing of up to 3 colors and double-sided printing! Custom printing and hot stamping are available. With minimum runs as low as 500 pieces, we can help any size business promote its products or services with personalized packaging.

Kraft Handle Bag Burgers.jpg
Takeout & To Go Bags

The food industry is increasingly leaning towards sustainable and branded packaging. Our custom to go bags keep food items safe and act as a mobile billboard for your restaurant, café, or food truck. Plus, these bags make your brand more visible to potential customers in the area.

Gift Bag.jpg
Gift Bags

Are you planning an event? Be it a birthday party, a corporate event, a wedding, or a festive celebration, our custom paper gift bags serve as unique, personalized gift bags. They add a bespoke touch to your gifts, and recipients will appreciate the extra effort you've put into the presentation.

Retail Shopping Bags

Be it a fashion boutique, a tech gadget shop, a grocery store, or a bookshop, custom paper shopping bags offer a unique way to package your customers' purchases. They offer a branded, sophisticated touch to the shopping experience, making customers feel appreciated while subtly enhancing brand recognition.

Colorful Shopping Bags
Merchandise Bags

From clothing retailers to gift shops, our custom retail paper bags are perfect for carrying your merchandise. These offer a reliable and stylish solution for packaging that can feature your brand's logo and design, instantly elevating the customer experience and acting as a powerful marketing tool.

Vegetables in Paper Bags
Grocery Bags

Our custom paper grocery bags offer an eco-friendly solution for grocery shopping, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives like kraft paper instead of plastic. These durable bags can efficiently carry diverse grocery items. Adding your business logo to these bags will transform them into a mobile advertisement, enhancing brand visibility. Plus, you'll highlight your company's commitment to environmental sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious customers.

Benefits of Custom Printed Paper Bags

Ready to give your business a little boost? Spectra's branded paper bags could be your answer. They're more than just bags – they're pretty, eco-friendly, and a walking advertisement for your brand. So why should you choose our company for your paper bag needs? Let's break it down for you:


Branding & Advertising

For many businesses, custom logo paper bags are a dream come true for creative marketing strategies. They showcase your brand logo, colors, and taglines every time one leaves your store. This kind of exposure can be incredibly beneficial for building brand recognition by announcing new products, sharing special deals, or even highlighting upcoming events. Imagine how much more effective yet affordable your marketing game could be.

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable & Compostable

Boost your brand while making an eco-friendly choice. Our customizable paper bags are crafted from renewable resources, providing a green alternative to conventional single-use packaging. This highlights your dedication to sustainability without compromising on your product's presentation. We offer a wide variety of recyclable custom gift, to go, retail, and grocery paper bags printed with a logo.

Why Choose Spectra Paper for Your Custom Paper Bag Printing

Spectra Paper is your go-to supplier of custom paper bags that bolster your brand and promote business. We offer budget-friendly solutions that outperform competitor prices, presenting unbeatable deals even for smaller quantity orders. This means saving money and storage space while enjoying top-quality paper bags with logos at wholesale.

With Spectra Paper, you don't need to place massive orders to afford exceptional custom prints. Count on us for all your custom printed paper bag needs.

Kraft Handle Bag Burgers.jpg

Wide Range of Options, Colors & Sizes

If you want to create personalized printed paper and to go bags, our custom order specialists are waiting to help you. Our team of professional print designers will work with you to develop your vision and make a custom printed paper bag design that fits your needs. Plus, we provide free storage and delivery on orders over $200. That means that you can keep a stock of custom printed paper bags and save time when you need to order more inventory. And you don't even have to use your own storage space.

All custom-printed products will come with design mockups as well as ongoing support from our specialists. Spectra Paper provides a complete line of custom paper bags with logos at wholesale in a variety of materials, vibrant colors, basis weights, and popular sizes. 

Affordable Minimum Orders

Spectra Paper specializes in promoting businesses with custom branding with incredibly cost-effective services. We offer unbeatable prices on low-quantity orders, which means affordable quality products and supplies for less. And you will only have to invest a ton of money on large orders once you're ready to expand. Our custom print paper bags come in a variety of colors, including white and kraft brown. And you have a choice of up to three colors and double-sided printing.

We offer minimum runs as low as 500 pieces. Getting a quote is simple. Choose the custom printed paper bags you're interested in, select the options that best suit your needs, and submit. 

How Our Custom Paper Bag Printing Service Works

Getting a handle on buying custom printed paper bags is a breeze. We've worked hard to make the ordering process smooth and simple, so you can quickly add a touch of branding brilliance to your operations with our high-impact bags.

Contact Us

Get started by contacting us through our website or phone to discuss your custom printing needs. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries.

Send Artwork & Logos

Once you're ready to proceed, send us your artwork and logos in the specified file format. Our team will review the files and ensure these meet our bag printing requirements.

Approve Artwork Design or Proof

We will provide you with an artwork design or proof for your review. Take the time to carefully review and approve the custom design to ensure it meets your expectations.


Once your logo work is approved, we will proceed with the production process. Our experienced team will use high-quality materials and printing techniques to create your new custom printed paper bags.


After production is complete, we will carefully package and ship your personalized paper bags to your desired location. Sit back and relax as we handle the logistics and ensure your order arrives safely and on time.

Gift Bag.jpg

Are you concerned about storage for larger orders? At Spectra Paper, we provide free delivery on custom-printed orders over $200 in the Long Island area.

  • What’s the minimum order for custom food wrapping paper, deli wrap, or basket liner sheets?
    One case of 3,000 custom deli paper sheets.
  • How many colors can be printed on our custom deli paper?
    As many colors as you like, we offer full-color capabilities at the same cost as one-color printing.
  • Is there a wax coating on the custom printed sandwich wrap paper?
    Yes, we offer an FDA-approved grease-resistant, food grade dry-wax coating on our custom parchment paper.
  • What are the lead times once the image proof is accepted?
    1-2 week lead times at the very most.
  • What sizes of custom printed pizza boxes are available?
    Pizza boxes are available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” (most popular) Visit the Bakery Box page for more Bakery Box sizing specifics.
  • What colors are our bulk pizza boxes available in?
    Our custom pizza boxes are available in white or brown.
  • What materials are our customized pizza boxes with?
    Our custom-printed pizza boxes are made with corrugated cardboard.

Custom Printed Paper Bags FAQs

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