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Custom Printed Stickers

Spectra Paper: Custom Printed Stickers, Custom Printed Labels, Wide Bottom Take Out Bags, and Much More!

Are you searching for custom printed labels and custom printed stickers, or custom take out bags? At Spectra Paper, we offer pressure-sensitive labels. Pressure-sensitive labels are a versatile label solution that you can apply on nearly all packages. We can manufacture custom printed labels on a wide variety of materials, including metal films, plastics, and papers. They are a great way to increase brand recognition and advertise your company. Flexographic custom printed labels are a cost-effective and timely solution that offers plenty of design flexibility. If you need large quantities of labels, fast, our flexographic presses can achieve large orders on short lead times. They're a great value. And flexographic printing allows a combination of other processes, such as embossing, so that we can integrate infinite design possibilities.

Custom printed stickers with a beautiful logo design offer excellent eye appeal. However, sometimes the text is as important as the design and branding possibilities. In other words, you can also use our custom printed labels and custom printed stickers for a variety of uses, including ingredients labels. We offer digital printing short runs up to four-color processes on our custom printed stickers and custom printed labels on a variety of paper and film material. Other services include lamination, scratch-off coating.

Some ideas for using our custom printed labels and custom printed stickers include food and beverage containers, wide bottom take out bags, vitamins, supplements, beauty products, and other consumer packaged goods. Music, film, publishing, and manufacturing companies can also benefit from our label print service.

Getting a quote is simple. Choose the custom printed product you're interested in, choose the options that best suit your needs, and submit your order. If you need some assistance, why not give us a call today? Our friendly specialists are waiting to help you.

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