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Custom Printed Sandwich Wrap

Spectra Paper: Custom Printed Sandwich Wrap, Custom Printed Wax Paper, and Branded Food Containers

Do you own a cute little sandwich shop? Maybe you're thinking about ways to do some low-cost advertising. Branding a business is an essential part of increasing your profits. Maybe when you think about branding and advertising, you think about sales-type ideas such as running an ad or offering a coupon. These are valid ways to advertise. But when it comes to marketing, you want something consistent and branding that will bring your shop's name to mind when your customers get hungry.

At Spectra Paper, we offer custom printed sandwich wrap, branded food containers and custom printed wax paper that will bring your presentation up a notch. While other vendors wrap their sandwiches in plain wax paper, your sandwiches get brand recognition every time a customer orders one of your delicious menu items.

You'll be thrilled and surprised at how cost-effective it is to use custom printed sandwich wrap and custom printed wax paper in your marketing strategy. And you don't necessarily have to store your inventory on-site. We offer small runs of custom printed sandwich wrap and custom printed wax paper. But of course, you can save money by ordering a larger quantity. If warehousing is the issue, Spectra Paper provides free storage and delivery on orders over $200. That means that you can keep stock on hand with us, for when you need to order more inventory.

Getting a quote is simple. Choose the custom branded food containers or products you're interested in, choose the options that best suit your needs, and submit your order. If you need some assistance, why not give us a call today? Our friendly specialists are waiting to help you.

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